Expressions on a Rainy Wednesday

Disclaimer: long post ahead.

Today is May 8th.

That makes me 40 weeks & 2 days pregnant.

I know that everyone says majority of first time pregnancies will go over 40 weeks, but I have to say, I’m kind of not feeling that.

This last week or so has probably been the hardest for me so far, mainly on an emotional and hormonal level. It is something that I can’t quite explain, but if you are 9 months pregnant, or ever have been, maybe you understand. Maybe not. I kind of feel like hiding away until he decides to make his appearance. As a 9 month+ pregnant lady who was expecting to be holding her baby by now, being asked everywhere you go about it doesn’t make me feel happy. I get it, people care and are excited, and that’s nice and all. But yea. Like I said, I’m emotional and hormonal, and overdue and YES I’m ready to have him, YES I’m large and how the heck do you think I am?! 🙂

Throughout my pregnancy I have imagined & prayed for what I want my labor to look like, getting to have him in my arms on Mother’s Day, also things I did not want to happen. I DO NOT want to be induced. The thing about pregnancy, especially waiting for labor to start, is that you have no control. From the very beginning you can’t make yourself get pregnant. You can’t make your baby grow a certain way or any faster. There is no getting around waiting around 9 months before you can meet your baby. There is no microwave that speeds up the process. And there is no making yourself go into labor. I have literally done everything humanly possible to try to naturally induce labor, or at least help the process along. I am still pregnant. 🙂 Bottom line is…it doesn’t matter what you do. The baby is coming when the baby is good and ready. The reality is that things don’t always go the way you anticipated, wanted or expected. That isn’t always an easy thing NOT pregnant. So again, I say: GOSH the last week or so is HARD. I think the world should know this and love on pregnant women every where.

If there is one thing I have been learning in this realization of how little control I have, is how desperately I need patience, and to trust in the Lord’s perfect timing & care for me. Why????? is. that. so. HARD? I’ve actually been joking that it is taking me back to when I was waiting to get engaged. Haha. Those days of wondering when it will happen, feeling like it might never happen, and knowing it is completely out of your hands. And the day comes & you absolutely can’t believe it!

Jackson Bruno Jacobs will be here soon enough, this I know. I cannot wait until the day we meet our son!

Now onto another topic that I have been wanting to touch on, also relating to pregnancy: Pregnancy & food.

As most people who know me know, I adopted a plant based diet about a year and a half ago. Over the course of being pregnant my diet has changed a little bit. Before becoming pregnant I was completely vegan for a 9 month period. About 3 months or so into my pregnancy I had a craving for eggs, and so one day I ate them. That was pretty much the only non-vegan food I ate for a while, but over the remaining course of my pregnancy I have also eaten dairy in the form of some cheeses, milk & cream. Everything I prepare myself, for myself or my husband, from meals, snacks, desserts, beverages, etc., other than eating eggs for breakfast, has remained vegan. Basically, if I eat non-vegan I am usually out to eat, at a party, or at a friends house.

When I started a plant based diet, I did not do it for the sake of animal cruelty like many vegans out there, although I think it is wrong how animals are treated by the food industry; I did it for personal health and wellness. I felt better and the healthiest I have ever been on a plant based diet and I think that all people should eat in a way that makes them feel physically & mentally great. So, I planned on keeping my plant based diet throughout my pregnancy. Every test that I got done regarding vitamins, nutrition and overall health in the beginning of my pregnancy I passed with flying colors. I was not deficient in anything at all. It is possible to be pregnant and healthy eating vegan! So don’t let anyone tell you other wise! 🙂 Why did I reintroduce some animal products back into my diet then? Simply because at the time I wanted to eat them. I was a pregnant girl and wanted eggs…or froyo…or eggplant parm. It’s not often or every day that I eat non-vegan, but it happens and that is ok.

Another thing I have realized in this pregnancy is that life is to be enjoyed, and part of that is with food. I completely believe in a plant based diet for so many reasons, but I also am not holding myself in any kind of bondage or going to feel bad if I eat something that is not plant based every now and then. I am a person of conviction and passion, and I believe in being committed to eating in a way that is healthy for yourself and the environment at large. That is why I will continue to eat a mostly plant based diet, as cleanly as possible, and as consciously as possible.

My dad came across a very interesting article in our local news paper entitled A New Beef with Meat, Eggs?, by Dr. David Katz and I wanted to share a part of it that fits perfectly with some of these thoughts:

“There are many ways to be an omnivore. In our culture, the most common kind of omnivore is a devotee of the typical American diet. The typical American diet isn’t just a mix of plant and animal foods, however; it’s a mix of real food and junk. A third to half the calories in the prevailing version of modern omnivorousness come from junk food.

In contrast, vegans tend to be among the most conscious and careful eaters today. Being vegan generally indicates a commitment to some blend of health and ethics, and both require thoughtful choices.

A balanced, prudent vegan diet isn’t just totally plant-based, it is substantially junk-free. A comparison between a group of omnivores and a group of vegans is likely to be a comparison between one group eating badly, and another eating well. That such differences would influence metabolism, intestinal flora and health outcomes is far from shocking.

…There are excellent arguments for veganism. Eating only plants, done well, figures among contenders for the most healthful diet, although it’s not the clear winner.” (you can read the entire article here)

What matters is caring for your body and the environment, of which we are stewards. Veganism or a plant based diet is just one way to go about that.

So, now you are up to speed on the status of my pregnancy & food thoughts. I will continue to be sharing amazing vegan recipes, and CAN NOT WAIT to share pictures and stories of our little man when he finally arrives.

Peace & love!