I’m Melissa.

I am a blessed wife.

I love family. I have the most beautiful family and wonderful group of comrades I could have ever asked for.

Food is in my blood. My dad is a phenomenal cook, and I definitely inherited his love &  joy for creating  and serving food.

Health and healing is something I am passionate about, so it is no big surprise that I am incredibly inspired to create food that tastes good, while doing a good service to our bodies.

I like writing , especially about all of the above.

Thanks for stopping by and getting to know a little about me.

I hope you enjoy my blog and come back to visit!





2 thoughts on “About

  1. You’re doing a great job with this site! Our family has been on a vegetarian journey for 4 years – I can’t believe we didn’t connect on this point through church! And, I can’t believe I’m learning this about you just weeks before we leave…
    Anyway, I’ll be following you and encouraging from the south. Blessings!

    • I know!! I just recently heard from some one you were vegetarian & thought how did I not know this?!? thanks so much for the encouragement! I’ll be looking forward to connecting even from afar! 🙂

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