Running, Colors & Love.

I’m sitting in the grass in the sun right now.  Glory.

My husband is about 10 feet away working on our garden.

I love that man for so many reasons.

I promise this isn’t going to get super mushy, BUT it is almost our 1 year anniversary, which we are pretty excited to celebrate, and I am just feeling grateful for my guy! Maybe, if you’re lucky, I will share our *story*. It’s a pretty good story. Just sayin.

Reason numero uno that I adore my hubby (besides that he loves to grow veggies): We have a lot of similar interests, one being running (and growing veggies).

Not everyone enjoys running, but we both do, and it is so much fun to be able to share that part of our lives together.

When we first starting dating I couldn’t run for crud, but I really wanted to start getting into it. Joe was a more experienced runner. So, one day he met me at my dorm, we walked to the nearby track, and he literally ran by my side giving me tips and checking in with me the whole mile. He totally could have smoked me if he wanted to show off or something. I knew I had a real keeper.

Since then we have trained for and ran a 10 mile race with our awesome friend Chrisy, which was quite the accomplishment.

Recently, knowing that Joe and I are runners, our good friend Roo over at NiceGirlNotes approached us to be on her team for a 5k she found herself committed to. Not just ANY 5k…The Color Me Rad 5k. Oh. Dang.

Color Me Rad is a 5k (3.125 mile) race in which participants not only get dyed corn starch hurled at them from every direction whilst running or walking the course laid out, but also receive bags of this colored fun to brighten up themselves & friends with. When is the last time you and your friends had the excuse to throw paint around at each other, or run and play in the biggest rainbow like explosion ever?

Clearly we said yes immediately.

While Joe & I enjoy running, the awesome thing about the Color Me Rad crew is that they don’t time the race. You can run, walk, hop, skip or jump. It’s all about one thing:  Fun. Fun, fun, and more fun. It’s for anyone, any age.

Straight from their mouth: “Color Me Rad is the best time you’ll have all year. Plain and simple. It’s like a food fight without food. It’s a race with no glory for the victor and no shame for the loser – only large slops of color plastered all over you and your friends’ smiling faces. It’ll brighten your day literally and figuratively…” Want some more from where this came from? See FAQs.

It was truly a blast.

The race took place in Hartford on Saturday May 26th, and driving up to the venue we could hear music pumping through the speakers, pretty much all top hits right now, and crowds cheering in excitement. Walking in it was a mob of people in white t-shirts, the occasional tutu, and even a man in tightie whities (could of gone without seeing that, fyi), waiting to be tie dyed with blue, purple, pink, orange, yellow & green.

Our team ran in the 10:20am heat. It was nearing the end so there weren’t too many people lined up. We got right in the front and at the end of the kick off countdown we all dispersed! It was awesome coming up to what looked like a mile marker, but finding the “color bomb squad” there with dyed corn starch in hand determined to dirty up your white t-shirt. I vividly remember getting a blast of purple to the neck. There’s definitely still a purple tint to my chest & upper torso!

Some of us ran and some walked, but all shared the sheer enjoyment of the experience.  A few of my amazing friends who did run ran longer than they ever had before, which was a great feeling of accomplishment in the midst of the fun.

Here are some pictures of the day:

currraaazzzzyyyyy colored rad fun

The first picture is me about to cross the finish line. Pretty epic. Props to my girl Madison for taking such a great picture.

The second is me in the car afterwards, desperately in need of a shower.

The bottom is all of us friends who came out!

Let’s just get a second, closer look at that first picture…

Joe already finished the race a minute or two before me, but he came back a few hundred feet before the finish line to run alongside me and cheer me on. We’re a team.

Like I said, he’s a keeper.

Special thanks to NiceGirlNotes for having us on her team!

Hope you all are enjoying your Memorial Day Weekend & maybe we will see you at the Color Me Rad 5k next year!


Leaves & Pine Cones?

My husband is currently on the road. He left last night (Weds) with his band, Out of Hiding, to play in upstate NY and won’t get back home until tomorrow night. Actually, he just texted me what he ate for dinner tonight a few minutes ago: a tuna sandwich, ham (slices, I am assuming?) and 4 chocolate chip cookies. Oh life on the road.

Soooo, what am I doing with myself? Blogging, of course.

More specifically, I am blogging in the guest room in my parents’ house. They invited me to spend the night so I wouldn’t have to be all alone. They’re so sweet…and most likely in their glory that one of their children is back home under their roof for the night!

Naturally, I took over their kitchen to make a delicious dinner, and let’s be clear that it did not include a can of tuna, mayo, any sort of pig product, or chocolate chip cookies. I could go for some chocolate right now though. (P.s. chocolate is vegan. Companies, like Hershey’s for instance, add milk fat to it which then makes it not vegan. Check labels.)

My parents are incredibly accommodating to my eating choices when I come over, and have even become more conscious of changing their eating habits…but that doesn’t mean my dad doesn’t take every opportunity he can to lovingly tease me. The running joke the he continues to perpetuate is that since I’m coming over for dinner all he has to do is go out back and gather some leaves and pine cones for me to eat. He’s just a regular comedian. 🙂

Well, tonight I proved to him that, heck no, I do not eat leaves and pine cones. Just because food is plant-based doesn’t mean it’s skimped on flavor, or enjoyable tasty deliciousness, or anything really! I hijacked the kitchen and got to work making Red Curry Soup with Rice & Purple Kale, recipe by Isa Chandra at The Post Punk Kitchen (, one of my favorite sites for vegan recipes. This recipe is super easy, has few ingredients, does not take long to prepare, and yet its soooooo flavorful and absolutely delightful to the taste buds. Major win.

You can check out the recipe here.

The sweet aroma of curry spices, garlic and ginger bathing in a creamy coconut milk broth filled the kitchen. I seriously adore Indian food. Some of my parents’ friends were over and they kept commenting on how great it smelled and looked. One even asked if she could take some home because it just smelled so good she had to try it! AND one of our friends who never tried curry before, and claims to not eat sweet potatoes (I could not imagine this), tried it and liked it. Woohoo!

Best of all, is that this soup got the taste test certified approval of my creative culinary master of a dad. He loved it. The bar has been raised… gathering twigs from the back yard…not even close. I don’t think I will be hearing that wise crack anymore. Let’s hope. 🙂

Now, I am looking forward to the return of my hubby tomorrow night. Luckily for him, there is plenty left over of this home-sweet-home cooked meal waiting for him to enjoy…if I can resist the urge to eat it all!

Have you tried any new recipes that you’ve loved lately???