Natural Yeast Rash Remedy

I have become aware of the random sporadicness of my posting…such is this season of life. BUT I am hoping that as we transition to our own home and our own space (VERY SOON) that I will find my groove again!

Here is a short post on a successful home remedy for a common ailment in babies and kids in diapers:

Jackson recently turned ONE! Can’t believe how fast this year flew by!!! Feels like just yesterday he was born. Over the course of his 12 months of life, he has had a yeast rash three times. THREE! The first two times prescription Nystatin did the job of getting rid of it, but this time around it wasn’t helping at all.

The rash started a couple weeks ago and the pediatrician called in a prescription for more Nystatin for us. We used it for seven days with no change at all. My mother in law told me about Lotrimin, and being desperate for it to go away and my son’s skin to go back to normal, I bought that to try. Two days of Lotrimin, again, did nothing. I was really starting to get discouraged. And I really felt bad for my boy! So, I just had to stop, pause, clear my head, refocus, and ask the Good Lord for wisdom. “Ok, lets get back to basics…what do I have in my house that I know could heal a yeast rash? … … … Probiotic. Coconut oil. I am going to make a paste out of probiotic and coconut oil.”

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Guess what guys.


{Mom victory dance!!!!!!!}

I don’t have any exact measurements…I honestly think any ratio would work.

I am pretty sure I did about a teaspoon or so of probiotic and about a half teaspoon of coconut oil. If you want more of a paste, use more probiotic; more of a liquid, use more oil.

I put this on the infected area at every diaper change, and I changed Jackson’s diaper every couple of hours, while making sure that he was dry before I put a new diaper on.

Perfect example of how your kitchen can truly be your pharmacy…which, coincidentally, our pediatrician’s office has a sign saying just that: “Your kitchen is your pharmacy.”

(Please always consult your pediatrician if you are not sure what is going on with your child. Not all pediatricians are into natural remedies like mine is, so they may not have any clue about this. Anyways, I say this to say I am by no means a healthcare professional, this is just what worked for me! Remember that you are the parent so do what you think is best for your child.)